The Student Nurse Guide believes in inspiring future nurses through a different approach in training. We believe doing a degree in nursing doesn’t have to be unnecessarily hard/stressful/exhausting or financially ruin you!

We believe anyone can be a nurse no matter what challenges you have to overcome. 


Reflective practice is one of the very first things you will learn about when you start university, and at first can seem a very daunting and complex process, with different theories and models. You may also have to write one of your first assignments about reflection and include something from practice to reflect on. 

Why writing reflective accounts are important:

  • It helps you to remember key learning experiences.
  • You have recorded examples to draw on when writing assignments.
  • It helps develop your self-awareness.
  • Showcases your development journey & achievements.
  • Builds your critical analysis & problem solving skills. 
  • Helps you to develop your reflection in action vs reflection on action. 
  • It’s part of the NMC code to be a reflective practitioner through continuous reflection. 

If you haven’t already started keeping a reflective journal you will need to soon. Most universities recommend students start one at the beginning of their degree, to help them develop their reflection skills, and as a way of keeping all their reflective accounts in one place. 

The Student Nurse Guide Reflection Journal was designed specifically for nursing students to write their own reflective accounts. Each page includes space to record the date, location, key learning point to help you quickly recall & find the subject, & read around to help develop your knowledge of key nursing skills as a result of your reflection.  A reflective writing outline is also included on every reflective account page to help guide your writing and keep you on track. It also includes a real example of a student nurse’s reflective account to draw from if you get stuck. Featuring a modern contemporary design in A5 size, it is easy to keep at hand ready to record any learning opportunity as it happens, with approx 180 lined pages. This notebook is a perfect way of keeping all your reflective accounts in one place throughout your degree. 

The one thing to remember when reflecting is there is no right or wrong way of doing it. The aim is not be perfect, but to just record an event or experience which you feel contributed to your learning in some way. Remember this can be both positive and negative; you don’t have to be too critical of yourself. Once you have at least described what happened, you can always come back and reflect on it at a later time. Always be honest with yourself when reflecting even if it makes you feel uncomfortable at times. Writing reflective accounts is a skill you will develop the more you practice it. If you can get into the habit of reflecting often you will soon build excellent reflection skills. It really is an amazing way of looking back at your journey as a student nurse & realising how far you have come. 


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Found this very helpful to keep all my reflections together instead of using different notebooks & made writing my assignments easier. The reflection prompts on each page also helped me stay on track when writing.